Mihaela Coman was born in Bucharest, Romania and came to Canada at the age of 8. She loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Mihaela is very artistic and abitious and is working hard towards making a name for herself in the entertainement industry. She has made sevaral television appearences, she is an experienced model, a professional belly dnacer and is preaparing to launch her first album with her girl group “XOX”.

    In her spare time, she enjoys learning languages. She is already fluent in French, English, Romanian, Spanish and is learning Mandarin.  She enjoys volunteering her time to help others and living a healthy lifestyle.

    Mihaela is a young woman with many interests and preoccupations. Just to name a few, she loves travelling, dancing, singing, reading, playing piano, martial arts, swimming, rock climbing and spending time with family and friends.