Miss Diaspora
Callatis Festivel, 
Romania , Mangalia
July 2006
Perouze’S  Dance Party
Music: Ojos Asi - Shakira
june 2006


Ojos asi

Perouze’S Dance Party

Song : Tabelolha

novemeber   2006

Egypt to Montreal

Television Show

Hosted by

george saad

may 2006

Performing at opera

Club Opera

Monteal , Canada

Tabla player : Fadi

october 2007

here are all the reasons why belly dancing is a good exercisehttp://www.watchmojoshapeimage_4_link_0
Excellent Exercise Bellydancing

Performing at Grand Prix

Drummond Street

Trinity Restaurant

Tabla Player : Marco

june 2008 Grand Prix

Activia Danone Commercial
Mihaela’s belly is featured as the “ Belly Dancing Belly” for all the Activia commercials  2008-2009
copyrights reserved to mihaela coman
Mihaela Dancing on Loft Story
Loft Story 5 
November 2009

Performing at TriniTy

Drummond Street
Trinity Restaurant
Tabla Player : Marco 
Aug 2008

Moomba Supper Club

Dancer :  Mihaela coman

Tabla player : Charlie K

2009 March